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Aligned Workplace℠  Consulting Options

 Speedy Alignment 	1 to 3  Day On-Site Collaborative Process  Based on Your Needs  • Jumpstart your project   • Breakthrough Chaos • Align (or realign) your Strategy, Resources, Messaging Alignment Work Sessions 	Leadership 	Operations  and Resources 	Team  Performance 4-Step Alignment Project 	1 Set Intent 	2 Alignment Analysis 	3 Plug-In 	 4 Perform

Engage Aligned Workplace to Exceed Your Business Goals

The Problem:  You have all the pieces, although your teams are not producting the results you desire and planned for.

Solution: The Aligned Workplace℠ method punches right into where you are and drives your team and your success.

Outcome: Each team and each level of the organization performs on a clear path to success.

Aligned Workplace℠ Engagement Options (in detail)

4-Step Method. 4 Ways to Punch In. Start where you are.

Empowering Executive Teams to capture growth opportunities and tackle challenges created by discontinuities in policy and economic shifts. Aligned Workplace℠ provides process-driven solutions punching right into where you and your team are now. Our deep organizational experience enables us to create urgency and work through active and reactive chaos, with all levels of your team, understanding the consequences of decisions and actions to build cohesiveness, purpose and influence. Our goal is to move your agenda forward and make the process more enjoyable.

What to Expect from Aligned Workplace:

Engagement in Every Step.
Unique Viewpoint.
Detailed Actions.

Our Consulting Services

  • Speedy Alignment
  • Alignment  Work Sessions
  • 4-Step Alignment Projects

Speedy Alignment

Leadership requires assistance. Our Speedy Alignment Package is specifically designed to quickly ramp-up team performance. Working directly on your site with Leaders and their team on culture, performance and relationship dynamics to:

· Jumpstart your Project

· Breakthrough Chaos

· Align (or Realign) your Strategy, Resources, Messaging

Over one, two or three days, our 360-degree process fuels clarity to drive your agenda and outlines the concurrent actionable steps for each level of the organization. New skills are acquired and fresh ideas generated to propel organizational success. Speedy Alignment concludes with a written actionable plan.

Alignment Work Sessions

This includes facilitation of leadership, team and stakeholder meetings to maximize outcomes, negotiate relationships and build a cohesive team. In advance of each work session we hold interviews based on a list of questions that are developed with the Leader who engaged the project.

Key data points, key performance indicators (KPI), experiences and case examples are collected to build the agenda. The interviews reveal the alignment of the players, namely, if they are in sync and, if so, to what degree, on what issues and most importantly, how it lines up with the leadership agenda. Our process uncovers major areas of both consensus and divergence among the staff. This information is used to fuel your plan. At the end of the session, you receive a written document with objectives, opportunities, challenges including a summary of main points and “Ahas”. You also receive a plan of action for moving forward. Most importantly, this plan of action was agreed to with the responsible staff and next steps were set in the work session.

Strategic Alignment Work sessions can be provided in 4, 6 or 8 hour blocks, dependent on the issues and number of stakeholders. For best results, we recommend, scheduling a package of three sessions, at weekly, bi-weekly or monthly intervals, to keep the work on track and moving the agenda forward.

4-Step Alignment Project

The Aligned Workplace℠ 4-Step Alignment Project and 10 Proprietary tools, start where you are and gets you to achieve your agenda. Clients who engage in this type of project usually find that despite best efforts, bureaucratic, administrative, political and operational issues cause barriers for growth and change. These operational concerns are often difficult to pinpoint because they permeate many departments and may include: data consistency and reliability, systems agility and integration, staff competencies and training, communication and messaging throughout the organization and allocation of resources and compensation structure. We agree on a time-limited approach for the project that is discussed in detail with leadership and designed around the core agenda. Optimally our method takes three-months and ends with implementation of key agenda factors throughout the organization.

Aligned Workplace℠ tools are used to guide discussions and focus actions. Each session builds off the prior and a chart of progress is used to measure the work. There will be homework from these sessions, so be prepared.

Step 1: Set the Intent

We build urgency, purpose and trust throughout the organization to ensure all actions loop back to core leadership agenda. The alignment plan is set and developed to steer the organizational course. Often the stage where the biggest "Aha's" occur as the paradigm shift of what is possible, what we can become and what we need to do to get there is realized and put into a roadmap of action.

Through facilitated work sessions stakeholder groups and teams, we work through the tangible steps to implement the leadership agenda.

Proprietary Tools:

  • Past/Present/Future
  • Blue Sky Plan

Step 2: Alignment Analysis

An organizational alignment analysis will identify systems and potential roadblocks to change and growth. Key issues and elements needed to change this dynamic are identified and ultimately serve as a roadmap for the organization to follow. Suggested changes will directly relate back to leadership’s desired goals. Special attention will be paid to systems and policies needed to position the organization to be proactive in development and excellence, track benchmarked outcomes and operate within set budget parameters.

We examine incongruence and target key processes to meet leadership goals and congruence.

You will get a roadmap to problem sources and how they present within your organization and process.

Proprietary Tools:

  • Metrics
  • Pie Chart
  • Core Flow

Step 3: Plug-In

The agenda has been identified. The barriers and enablers identified. Now it is time to plug-in to each level of the organization -- line work, management and leadership -- to test-drive the process. Team training, understanding and new process are the hallmark of this step. We solve the problem of creating implementable change, starting with small actionable steps.   In real-time we determine if the approach should be escalated.  This differs from traditional  methods, where a whole agency overhaul that maybe unrealistic is  something many consultants recommend,   We make the work of fixing process fun enough that people actually engage and pay attention,and  don't get bogged down thinking it takes time away from their "real work" since they realize this is the real work.

We engage all level employees in thinking about their role within the larger organization.

You team will get new tools to engage, train and motivate employees as well as redesigned or updated process to streamline work and create better work products.

Proprietary Tools:

  • Genting/Bridezilla
  • Storybook
  • Key Messages

Step 4: Perform

Usually known as the implementation stage, we prefer to call it perform as implementation is all about action, steps and follow through. Step 4 is when the ideas and action come together as team leaders manage purpose and relevance to the work culture. Implementation is only part of performance. When plans spring into action, tweaking, reworking and constant feedback are the best tools to ensure outcomes.

We work with you to manage your team on new process and outcomes and set new relationship rules,

You will get tools to evaluate progress and performance of team and goals.

Proprietary Tools:

  • Dashboard
  • Role Playing

About Ilene

For 30 years I have spearheaded new ventures and been a change agent for large, complex organizations including government and major non-profits. My role primarily involves working with the leadership and senior team to execute results-driven metrics, launch new divisions/products and strategic and financial planning to take the business to the next level.

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