Cindy Hussey Founder,
Velvet Eyewear

Ilene is quick to analyze issues and find meaningful and valuable solutions. Great at spearheading projects and making the most of opportunities. She is ethical, energetic, and enthusiastic. She is diversified and would be a great Advisor in almost any capacity.

Ilene is one of the most unique people I have ever met - combining her team building skills, positive attitude, knowledge base of both operations and financials make her an AMAZING leader. If you have the chance to work with her, take it!

Lana Gordover Founder | Director Physician Practice Management
Sarah Felsenthal Government Relations and Advocacy Expert

I had the privilege and pleasure of being mentored and managed by Ilene Marcus on numerous projects of varying degree of complexity. I say this with utmost certainty and sincerity, that this experience more than any other, thoroughly honed my strategic thinking skills and improved my ability to manage. Ilene’s unmatched creativity, professional intuition gleaned through decades of experience, expertise in both qualitative and quantities methods, make her a secret weapon for any organization and leaders wishing to adapt, innovate, and succeed well into the future.

Ilene Marcus helped guide me through an exasperating employee situation with intelligent and effective advice. This book should be a must read for all managers

Michael Morrison President and Publisher HarperCollins General Books
Henry J. Devries Author of How to Close a Deal like Warren Buffet

At last, pragmatic advice for dealing with those well-meaning employees who can such the life out of you. Every boss should have a copy in their desk drawer.

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