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Aligned Workplace holds these beliefs as the binding principles driving our work:

Aligned Leadership:

  • Great leaders know how to align mission, resources, talent and intent to drive relevance, purpose and profits.
  • As the leader in your company, it’s your prime responsibility to provide the framework for staff to perform. Providing a context aligns actions and decisions.
  • Leaders spur workers to handle situations in new ways. Leaders think about how their words and actions make a lasting imprint on employees and the company.
  • Inspired leadership is always the goal: to create an environment for your employees to thrive because they see you supporting their work and putting all of your ducks in a row to rid any barriers (real or imagined) that get in the way.

Aligned Teams:

  • Building powerful cohesive teams builds a better company and then a better world.
  • The core competency of management is to truly appreciate your staff and make the team more powerful than each individual.
  • All good team relationships are built on a foundation of clear role definition, expectations, and results. Clear role definition is the basis of the work relationship between a boss and a subordinate, including a CEO and his direct reports and a team and its leader.

Aligned Professional Success:

  • All staff need to get out of their own rubric, so they understand the impact of their actions on other divisions of the company and use that information in all interactions
  • Internal alignment shows employees they are valued and appreciated with fairness, a key human emotional driver regardless of your generation and its concurrent values.
  • Each employee has an economic contract with their employer to show-up and do the job they were hired to do. Management must provide the tools, resources, direction, and rules for employees to perform.
  • If you don’t have the tools you need, you can’t get the results expected.

Go forth, and be audacious.

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