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Entrepreneurial Journey: Berkshire Camino

Work is a team sport.  As a result, we all need others to launch, grow and succeed.  It it is an honor to be an EforAll Mentor. You can find out more about this great program by clicking this link. 

The key job of an entrepreneurial mentor is to spur economic development by providing direct assistance to business owners helping them prosper. 

It is a lot of fun (seriously) to work with the EforAll Model.  It has been an even greater honor to be a mentor to Mindy Miraglia, Founder/CEO of Berkshire Camino. Check out Berkshire Camino’s brand new youtube channel.

This is a success story I am eager to share.  You can meet Berkshire Camino through this website link.

Being a mentor is powerful.  It lets me shine my light on others and helps them to grow prosper and impact our world. 

1- Help Entrepreneurs to Step into Their Power

Being a leader takes experience.  Yes, innate skills and abilities help, but the true test comes in time of decisions, upheaval and emotional choices.  Be there for a newbie, show them their own conviction.  Help them to own their decisions, choices and use their intuition as a compass.

2- Use the Corners of Your Brain

Each of our experiences are varied.  Sometimes we wonder if it is relevant.  If you have these questions, become a mentor.  It’s a great reminder of how universal business skills are and how all the lessons we learned can be passed on to a ready audience who are eager to learn from us.

3-  New and Exciting Ideas

The business world is changing faster than ever.  New on-line business models, social distancing requirements and state mandates drive business operations and costs in unprecedented ways.  Watching an entrepreneur’s idea unfold, evolve and become is a powerful experience.  An experience not to miss.

4- Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Comfortable with spreadsheets, contracts and business strategy, working with Mindy, it was imperative I got to know her product.  Witness, me and fellow mentor Paul, wading through a river on a Camino walk.   Way out of my comfort zone.  Way fun!

Watch Me Crossing the River – it’s a movie

5- Take Your Own Berkshire Camino Walk  (Use this Discount Code)

Go ahead, make an entrepreneur’s day.  Use this 15% Discount Code – AlignedCamino2020 to book at book now.

Introducing Berkshire Camino

Guided half-day walks with a facilitated experience invites guests to go on a journey.

Each Berkshire Camino is a mini-pilgrimage taking you on a tangible and metaphorical journey. We walk with an intention, exploring nature with curiosity.  We let go of anything that is weighing on our hearts and minds. At various stages of the journey we walk in silence to go inward.  At other times the group chats playfully. Guests tell us they feel grounded, connected and resolved about some aspect of their lives after a Berkshire Camino walk.


Berkshire Camino is easy, safe and engaging.  Take a walking pilgrimage in the Berkshires.

  • Walking in a small group provides safety, making it ideal for solo travelers who don’t know where to hike as well as local Berkshire residents seeking something new and unique to do in their own backyards.

  • Locally curated walking itineraries you won’t find in a guide book or App.

  • Shuttle transportation from town centers to the route’s starting location. This enables us to take a linear, point A to point B walk, relieves trailhead parking congestion, and allows guests to explore the town center where the tour ends on their own or with other tour guests.

  • Our guides are warm, friendly and compassionate souls who are skilled in facilitating a group experience that fosters connection among guests.

  • Tours are staffed by at least one guide per tour who is CPR and first aid certified and carries a first aid kit and back up water.

  • Berkshire Camino LLC is insured and Covid safety compliant for your confidence and safety.

  • All you need to do is sign up and show up. Be open-minded and willing to reconnect to yourself, others, nature and spirit.

What’s Next:

Check out the Berkshire Camino Website.  Tell a friend about it.  Help an entrepreneur, help yourself and help our economy grow.  


7 Proven Tactics in Managing Team Members – Huffington Post

7 Proven Tactics in Managing Team Members is a good quick read with actionable advice.  

There is lots of “noise” out there about what makes a good team.  Experts agree that the advice given in Managing Annoying People: 7 Proven Tactics to Maximize Team Performance hits the high points.   Its a quick read, with very common sense advice that you can follow.  The ideas will make you think about your situation and spur new ways of acting in the workplace.  You can impact team and individual relationship dynamics with a little focus and a toolbox full of tricks.  

 You can Read the Full Article in Huffington Post.  

Every day is a new change to manage your team instead of them managing you!



Startup Professionals: 7 Proven Tactics In Managing Annoying Team Members. Go Slow to Go Fast.

Honored to be featured by Marty Zwilling on Startup Professionals, for Entrepreneurs Who are in a Hurry to Succeed.  Go slow to go fast is sound advice. I am kindred spirit when it comes to start-ups.  Having been a DoubleClicker and spent most of my career as a rain maker, I was always in startup mode.  My DNA is hardwired to build a strong foundation for a scalable enterprise in a very short time with strict budget parameters.  My personal mantra is taken from  Cosimo di Giovanni de’ Medici  (take the secret passage tour in Florence) known for unifying Italy.  Cosimo’s words: “Go slow to go fast”.  That means getting it right the first time.  

Marty’s credentials:  CEO & Founder of Startup Professionals, Inc.; Advisory Board Member for multiple startups; ATI Angels Selection Committee; Venture Mentor at ASU. Published on Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post. Feel free to follow Marty on Twitter StartupPro or Circle me on Google+.

In Marty’s own words:

We have all had to work with annoying team members in business. If you are not their manager, it’s tempting to just walk away, tune them out, or react sharply, but these reactions are not appropriate for managers, and are equally ineffective for peers and team mates. Remember that annoying doesn’t mean non-productive – these may be top performers, with critical business skills.

The good news is that you can learn to deal with well-meaning peers and people you manage, by employing a set of proven tactics, as outlined in a new book, “Managing Annoying People,” from veteran business leader and workplace consultant Ilene Marcus. As a long-time business adviser, I fully support her key pragmatic relationship strategies, which I paraphrase here as follows:

 Click here to read Marty’s entire article: 7 Proven Tactics In Managing Annoying Team Members.

Based on Marty’s comments, can you share your start-up challenges that you can’t afford to get wrong?

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