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The Great Resignation: Fear Move or Career Move?

Is it time for a career change?  The Great Resignation has prompted all of us to look closer.  What’s on the other side of that decision?  Even if the door is wide open, and new opportunities abound, it is not always evident what you will encounter on the other side.  I tend to vacillate back and forth about My choice.  MY decision.  Should I stay or should I go?  I’ve learned to ask myself this question.  It never fails to give me clarity:  

Am I making this decision from a place of fear or abundance? 

Fear Move

A fear move is well just that.  A decision our of fear – what I won’t get or I will lose.  This is when I am thinking along the lines of:

  • I haven’t found anything better
  • I am running low on funds
  • This sounds interesting, how bad can it be?  
  • I used to love this
  • The commute sucks
  • And my favorite twisted thinking… I could die tomorrow!

Abundance Move 

An abundance move is a decision to do what you want in life.  This is the brave move.  The move into a different opportunity.  The pull to live your life being able to do “mostly” what you love every day.  I say mostly because that is the reality.  Work, is work and even retirement includes work – making life appointments, letting go of being in charge, finding new ways to inspire myself. In retirement everything takes longer than you think like working out. 

Big Lesson:  Your Life is What You Do Everyday

What do you do everyday?  How do you spend your time?  How do you want to spend your everyday which adds up to your life?  An abundance career move is when you ask yourself, will this make me happy?  Is this where and who I want to be?  It is your faith for your future.  For who you want to be. 

I’m stopping now for dramatic pause.

More Resources Available to Make this Decision

The Great Resignation has prompted debate, insight and lots of practical information about shifting your life.  Find resources that can help you think through this critical path.  CNBC has many helpful articles such as this one:  The great-resignation-heres-what-to-think-about-before-you-quit-your-job.

Top 5 Career Move Reasons

A recent Forbes post made the argument why this is the right time to make a career change.  Since Covid, our priorities are sharper.  We all want true relevance and purpose in our lives.  And the facts are that remote work will be a reality for at least 35% of existing work places with that statistic constantly rising. 

Indeed’s 2019 study revealed the Top 5 reasons people make career changes.  The surprise – two years later, including the Covid experience, our thinking has not really changed the results.  The top 2 reasons people make career change:


2- Want Greater Flexibility  

The core answers remains the same and beg the question:    What will make me happy? 

If you want to take a deeper dive into Indeed’s 2019 Data here you go:

Indeed chart

Don’t be discouraged.  Figure out your true Motivation.  

Why Work Matters

The temptation is to say, I wish I didn’t have to work.  It’s easy to think if I didn’t have to work I’d be happy.   Ask any recent retiree, it’s not a slam dunk.  And statistics prove that.  Being of purpose and relevance are key human motivators.  So it begs the questions: What type of work will make me happy – paid or unpaid?  Start with figuring out if you are skills or mission focused.

Skills Driven

Do you like the daily tasks, role and all systems that come with it?  That’s why some managers are so versatile.  They like the role regardless of mission, content and specific industry.  My daughter loves to organize, make charts, train and project manage.  These are the daily tasks that engage her.  It is less important to her where she does it.  Whether at a big law firm, a start-up or at the local coffee shop.

Mission Driven

Whether you love financial analyses or serving the homeless, you care about what the “Why” is of the organization and how it relates to your values.   Pro Tip – I have found there is a very wide swing here to find your niche and do it across multiple sectors.  Core to my soul as a social worker, I want to help people be financially independent.  From teaching job hunt classes, to entrepreneurial start-ups I don’t care if I’m writing reports, working with people or raising money, I love that mission and everything that comes with it.  

What’s Next

Delve closely into your “honest” motives when you are ready to seek a change.  Make sure you notice what opportunity looks like when it’s knocking at your door.  Ask yourself “Is it a career move or abundance move?”   Take a deep breath and dive in.  The water is great at this end of the pool!

Stay On Your Path: About Time

Humans by nature are seekers.  We want more.  To be recognized and rewarded.  We want to feel valued.  Mostly, we want to be at peace inside.   As I “enter”  full retirement mode I’ve asked others to reflect on what I did well when I managed.  The feedback was overwhelmingly consistent!   

You taught me that who I am is what I do everyday.   It’s not the big wins and moments, it’s all the tiny everyday actions that build up to the milestones. 

I do believe this is true.  I strive to do what matters to me every day.  How can I tell if I am making progress?  I ask myself three questions:

How do I spend my time?

Alignment between who I want to be and what I do is critical to building my self-esteem and my happiness.  We all know the difference between a day when nothing special happens and yet I sail through; vs. a day when nothing special happens and I get side-tracked and annoyed. 

Do I spend my day thinking about making that call I don’t want to make?  Or do I take a deep breath, be brave and dial the phone?  Honesty is key here.  When corporations are out of alignment. it shows in morale, production and profits.  If you say you invest in employees, well then it should show in how the management team and staff spend their days.  Does the staff feel invested in?  Are they able to see your efforts in action?  Do you believe it in and work to build your culture?  Do you spend your time on what you say you spend your time on?

Make it Personal.

It’s the same thing in your personal life.  I want to be a writer.  Do I think and think and plan what to write? Am I stuck in the getting ready to get ready phase?  Organizing my files, picking out the best pens?  Looking for classes or groups to be part of?  How often do I actually sit and write?  Is writing part of my ritual, my schedule?  For example, have I set up each day so there is no reason not to write?  Now, I write everyday.   And that has made all the difference.

What does that say about me?

It says I know who I am; I am not scared to put my priorities first.   I know I can meet my commitments. Can I also enjoy my time?  Time is the most precious possession of which you can never make more.  Am I waiting for it to happen or do I make it happen?  When I do what I say I will do, it says I am trustworthy and honorable.  I act on what I plan to do.  

For years it was about my career.  Working hard was in alignment with my goals. My choice was to spend a majority of my time on the job. As a result the question was, what type of work did I want to do?   The question was how did I want to spend that time?  Even though I was good at putting out fires, that didn’t make me happy.  My interest was in developing new programs and growing revenue.  I took action to organize my time, staff and priorities to get that done.  It wasn’t always easy but it was what I wanted. Efficiency hacks work to make more time in your day.  Read about some here

That says a lot about what I do every day and how I wanted to influence the organizations I worked for.  When I spend my day not doing what I want and yielding to others, it builds resentments.  Who can be their best self under those circumstances?

Are my beliefs “mostly” in alignment with my actions?

Look at what you do during the day from the outside.  Not as yourself but as someone watching you.  Be specific about:

  • How you spend your time; vs.
  • What you tell yourself; vs.
  • What you tell others; vs.
  • What you really want to be doing. 

There is a lot to pay attention to, but this is the essence of the disconnect.  These questions, faced with true honesty will shed light on all the places there are crossed lines in your thinking, that lead to disconnects in your actions.  It is these disconnections, the things we hope will change, we want to change, and we settle for, that teach us the most about how we are not showing up for ourselves.   

What’s Next:

Easy does it to get your thinking and actions into alignment.  A slight course correction overtime will change your direction.  Head towards the life you want to live.  Spend your time on what you must, your commitments and make sure you find the joy even in the things you must do.  In short, then make sure you spend a portion of your waking time doing what you set out to do.  What is true to who you want to be.  Enjoy the hell out of it!

Are You Trans-Location?

I’m trans-location. I was born a City girl. In truth I’m a coutry bumkin. Where I live has a direct impact on my happiness and what I can bring to others. Find the best location that brings out the best you.  Especially when you start thinking about retirement living.  Get into your lifestyle mindset.  And I’ve never been more me.   And this flower picture, I grew that. Yes I gave birth to a peony.  Isn’t it a beauty!

Big City life​ made me anxious. Always having to beat the line, get a parking spot in front and snag the best Broadway seats.  I knew the ropes.  Still it was a lot of work.  One of my City friends said the crowds don’t bother him: “I am up and off to work real early.  No traffic, parking right in front of the best bagel shop and the streets are walk-able”.  I replied: “That’s the rest of the country every day, not just at 5 am”.

​I like hard work.  I did City living with gusto.  Stood right under the crystal ball at the turn of the century.  In the middle of Times Square, the center of the universe.  Surrounded by a screaming crowd, in front of the barricade with full Police escort.  Right along side 400 of my closest friends and the most outrageous all you can eat and drink buffet.  Those were the days.  And the truth of it, that confetti has a real sharp edge when it falls down to the street from the 29th floor.  

Absolutely, a once in a lifetime experience.   ​And so are the crickets, the way the flowers actually really spring – as in snow yesterday, flowers today!  As in my location can put me in a better mindset to be a better me.  

Read my blog on Sixty&Me about how where you end up says a lot about you.  It’s the journey my friends and where you choose to charge your cell phone.  There’s no place like home.

Read the blog Why the Place You Choose to Live in Retirements Says a Lot About You

Why the Place You Choose to Live in Retirement Says a Lot About You

3 Reasons the Perfect Coffee Ritual Matters for Your Best Self

The perfect coffee ritual sets a tone for your day and gets you engaged, focused and grounded.  Good cup of coffee, good day.  Bad cup of coffee, not such a good day.  If you drink coffee, you know exactly what I mean.  If you don’t, pick your poison.   Day off, late start, retired, sipping that steaming cup of nectar with your ideas and thoughts swirling around.  Already at the office, running errands or in a meeting gulping that java while going over your mental to do list.   It doesn’t matter if it’s coffee, Matcha Latte, a smoothie or water.  This morning beverage gets you going and sets the tone for your day.

Originally published on my monthly blog on Sixty&Me where I blather about mindset, setting yourself up for success and taking what comes.  Really it’s the good kind of blathering.  The perfect cup of coffee is about balance.  Finding it, keeping it and tweaking it. 

1.  Get What you Want

Starting your day with a ritual makes you comfortable.   Being comfortable is key to being engaged. While I am not a fan of the “over a buck” for a cup of coffee, make your choice.  Know what it is, how you like it and what to expect.  This small ritual will put you in the right framework for the start of the day and let you worry about non-coffee related issues.  

2.  Maintain the Temperature

Just because you get what you want doesn’t mean it will workout.  Focus on the big picture and what else is going on.  We balance lots of things in a day.  Just be aware and know when to regroup, add cream or a little sugar metaphorically.  Go back and start again if you need to.  It’s just a cup of coffee – not the purchase of a car or a place to live. 

3.  Tweak It

Changes happen.  It is the only inevitable, everything changes.  Now finally in Spring the weather impacts your body and your mood.  Every change influences how you feel about your morning ritual.  It may be like it always was, but you may not feel it.  So make small changes.  Let me say that again, small changes.  Tweaks.   Tweaks will set you up for a better response to whatever comes your way in your day.  Still wanting more, supersize or have a second.  Problem at the team meeting, just make a small change – let someone else talk or let something that annoys you roll off your shoulders.  Make small changes for a big impact.

The perfect cup of coffee is about balance.   Remember these simple, easy steps to have an even keeled and perfectly balanced day.

Read the blog on What my search for the perfect cup of coffee-taught-me-about-finding-balance/ on Sixty&Me.

What small tweaks did you make today?  How did it go?

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Attract the Life You Want. Pull Don’t Push: My First Blog on Sixty&Me!

Attract the life you want.  Many business lessons are applicable to our non-work lives.  It’s all a matter of how we understand the lesson and apply it to our circumstances.  My hope is to make the link from the lessons we’ve learned in our professional lives to action for readers based on these sound business principles.

My first monthly blog discusses how to attract what you want.  This is based on the marketing principles of pulling, attracting,  instead of pushing or selling, a strategic marketing tactic.

Honored to contribute to this awesome community.  Check out Sixty&Me Website!  

Read my Blog on Sixty and Me: Want to get more from life stop pushing and start pulling.

Tell me did I hit the mark?



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