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I Crossed the Picket Line and Other Tales for Getting Over the Hump.

Thanks to the FastLeader Legion and Host Jim Rembach for a fast paced insightful interview.   Jim’s engaging style moments puts leadership into action.  Leadership is a hard won skill, once your get management right and impacts your workforce every day.  

Click here and listen to this upbeat discussion on the Fast Leader Podcast


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Tweetable Quotes and Mentions

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“As the leader, you have to separate yourself from the pack.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet

“Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it meanly.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“Avoiding, in an annoying situation is perilous to you and your organization.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“Someone at work is going to annoy you, how can you be ready and not react?” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“Setting expectations and setting boundaries is extremely important.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“People actually enjoy hearing no sometimes.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“Pride of ownership is very important to success.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“How do you help your employees make that idea their idea, not your idea?” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“If employees feel they’re part of the solution, they’re going to be a lot more bought in.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“Leadership is a righteous perk, once you get management right.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“Good managers are leaders and good leaders are managers.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“What makes you a leader is working with a team, having a vision, and having them own that vision.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“Everything is about the integration between my vision and how to put the pedal to the metal.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“I have an economic contract with my employees, and that’s the basis of our relationship.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“I need the job done, it’s not just about being friends.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“Make sure you come with your joy and who you are to everything you do.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“Most of us have careers that have blended our work and our lives.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“If you don’t bring the joy, what are you doing?” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“If you’re not loving who you are and how you do it, do something else.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“Set the goals, watch the steps and bring your team along.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“If you don’t believe in your ideas, no one is going to.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

“There’s always options, it’s our job to find them and make them work.” -Ilene Marcus Click to Tweet 

Do You Know How to Get Things Done?

Insightful article on how to GET THINGS DONE.  Not just saying that because I am quoted – I’m quoted because I agree that managing process for your team is a cornerstone skill for leaders and managers.   Setting the tone and process for your team is always a timely topic, whether tweaking an old project or starting on a new endeavor – timing and process is key to success.  

Communicating with your team about the priorities is critical to organizational success and moving the work process forward.  Aligned Workplace helps C-Suite Executives, Business Founders and Managers hone their messaging and align resources and tools to get things done.  Being able to define the process to your team, breaking down the process and the hand-offs between departments/units/divisions is a key competency of good leaders.  Make sure you know how to get things done.  

Check out this article on the Wrike Management Blog that includes stories, & new approaches to work management,collaboration, & productivity.

Learn anything new? Let me know.

Attract the Life You Want. Pull Don’t Push: My First Blog on Sixty&Me!

Attract the life you want.  Many business lessons are applicable to our non-work lives.  It’s all a matter of how we understand the lesson and apply it to our circumstances.  My hope is to make the link from the lessons we’ve learned in our professional lives to action for readers based on these sound business principles.

My first monthly blog discusses how to attract what you want.  This is based on the marketing principles of pulling, attracting,  instead of pushing or selling, a strategic marketing tactic.

Honored to contribute to this awesome community.  Check out Sixty&Me Website!  

Read my Blog on Sixty and Me: Want to get more from life stop pushing and start pulling.

Tell me did I hit the mark?



CEOs Set the Tempo

Who would think Startrek’s Captian Kirk and Whiplash’s Fletcher (J.K. Simmons, current Academy Award Winner) have anything in common? But they do, more than it would seem.

As CEO of the Enterprise and the away team, Kirk always set the pace. He did it through trust, loyalty and instinct.

In Whiplash, Band Leader/Teacher (aka State Farm Guy) set the pace through fear, intimidation and humiliation.

How did both CEOs inspire the best out of their crew?

The answer is simple, know your team. Know how to reach them and build them up. Then take responsibility for your actions and watch them soar or drown based on your tempo.

As leader, you set the tempo. Make sure your team is in sync with you.

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