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My brain power can be my friend or my enemy.  Sometimes I forget to use all of my brain.  Old thinking can get me stuck down the rabbit hole.  Thinking about all the things that get in the way doesn’t help me.  I’m learning that my brain is a very sophisicated tool at my disposal to help me achieve my goals.   Jim Kwick, World renown Brain Coach tells me how to do this.  This article written for Entrepreneur reminds me to learn by un-learning resulting in boosting my brain power and helps me reach new levels. 

The number one thing to unlocking my brain power is to learn how to learn.  Kwick recommends 3 strategies to unlock your brain’s power.

1. Don’t Start with I can’t Do this

We know that setting intention and leaning into that sets the framework for success.  Start with I can do this. 

2. Un-limit Your Beliefs

Let go of the stories, narrative, beliefs, ideas that keep you small, stuck, not moving forward.  For example, instead of saying:  I have been down that road, it does not work.  Try changing your thoughts to:  Maybe the road has been repaved and has new signage.    My car runs better than it used to.   I’m stronger so I can walk further now so maybe that road will be a better route now!

3. Action Oriented Motivation

Find the smallest step you can take to change your landscape and dive in.  One small step in the right direction begets another and another.  

You can find the article in Entrepreneur:

Your Brain Is a Supercomputer. Here’s How to Reboot According to World-Renowned Brain Coach Jim Kwik.

What’s Next:

Use your brain to your advantage.  Come at learning from another angle and motivate yourself to try new ideas and pathways.  Un-learn to boost your brain power and your motivation will soar. 


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