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Managing Annoying People

Available on Amazon.com

With over 33,000,000 books on Amazon, on 3/3/17, after 6 weeks.....

This book is a timely topic with baby boomers managing millennials and pluralists. Besides, I was an annoying person to manage and I have managed and been managed by many annoying people.

“Managing Annoying People” taps into real truths that Managers face every day and provides a road map to be your best self and guide your team to stay the course and get the job done.

- Rudolph W. Giuliani

Ilene Marcus helped guide me through an exasperating employee situation with intelligent and effective advice. This book should be a must read for all managers

Michael Morrison President and Publisher HarperCollins General Books
Henry J. Devries Author of How to Close a Deal like Warren Buffet

At last, pragmatic advice for dealing with those well-meaning employees who can suck the life out of you. Every boss should have a copy in their desk drawer.

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