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Annoying Bytes

Featured Blog Posts

Quiz: How My Personality Annoys Co-Workers!
Please share the quiz with this link:  How My Personality Annoys My Co-Workers! Information is power.  Get "intel" about how[...]
Featured in Glamour.com: The Single Most Important Advice for Your Career
Good career advice and career guidance are like a good hairstyle.  You want to know where to get it and[...]
Empowering the Quiet Team Leader from the Back of the Room
Quiet Team Leader.  Definitely a high point to be featured by Dan McCarthy on his Great Leadership Bog.  This post[...]

Recent Blog Posts

What is the Psychology of Choosing to Suffer?
I write and speak about Managing Annoying People, mostly because I am annoying.  Albeit, that's not the whole story.  Where[...]
Simple Guidance on Paying Attention
Why does 11:11 have significance to so many people? Aletheia Luna says: According to numerology, the number 11 is a[...]
Is it Okay to call your staff Annoying? Lesson from the Momtroversy
If you know me, you know, I call them like I see them.  And annoying is a real thing.  It's[...]
Humor in the Workplace = Motivation ( I am CEO Podcast Link)
Use humor to motivate your staff.  Be funny and get results keeping your team on track.  Shout out to Gresh[...]
Quit Old Behaviors and Be More Successful
Quit knocking on doors that don't open.  High preforming sales teams know this mantra: Stop calling, stop emailing, stop begging[...]
I’ll Tell You Why Your Boss Isn’t Happy With You
Always a thrill to be quoted on Yahoo Finance.  Thanks Charlene Oldham.  This is a quick read with all around[...]
The Desire To Be Heard
What is more frustrating than feeling like your words are falling on deaf ears?  With too much information from multiple[...]
An American Lesson: Encouragement
Encouragement is the act of giving someone support, confidence and hope.  We live in a world where we are constantly[...]
How Does Anxiety Show-up at Work?
Anxiety in the workplace is rampant.  Competent, productive workers get anxious.  Pile on deadlines, personalities, problems at home and long[...]
Are There Really 2-Sides to Every Story?
Figuring out the truth, or as much of the truth as possible is often an art.  People like to embellish. [...]
Empathy is My Superpower
I always wanted a superpower.  X-ray vision or to be faster than a speeding bullet.   We realize truths about[...]
Good Process = Good Work
The steps your team makes towards completing tasks is essential to success.  If there is no process, no pipeline, those[...]
5 Reasons Your Boss Hates Trust And Fairness
Why do bosses shy away from trust and fairness as a basic management tool?  Research overwhelmingly shows that a positive[...]
To Blog or Not To Blog
To blog or not to blog?  I am not the first person to ask that question.  I'm also not the[...]
What Words Annoy You the Most?
It's inevitable. Someone will say something that annoys you.  If you are like me, it is both grating and frustrating. [...]
Whoops I did It Again…I Annoyed My Co-Workers
How many times have you said to yourself, I won't do that again.  I've learned my lesson.  And yet, there[...]
Another Annoying Email…
I have a love-hate relationship with email.  It comes down to most emails are annoying. And yet they keep on[...]
7 Ways to be the Best Boss Ever
Dr.  Travis  Bradberry nails it every time.  In his newest article he pinpoints the seven traits that make a boss[...]
Let It Be: 3 Reasons to Walk Away
Walking away is counter-intuitive.   We are socialized to keep commitments and own up to our responsibilities.  Knowing when to let[...]
Zen in an Annoying World in 3 Simple Steps
How can you stay calm, cool and collected when everything and one around you is dancing on your last nerve? [...]

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