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Annoying Bytes

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Quiz: How My Personality Annoys Co-Workers!
Please share the quiz with this link:  How My Personality Annoys My Co-Workers! Information is power.  Get "intel" about how[...]
Featured in Glamour.com: The Single Most Important Advice for Your Career
Good career advice and career guidance are like a good hairstyle.  You want to know where to get it and[...]
Empowering the Quiet Team Leader from the Back of the Room
Quiet Team Leader.  Definitely a high point to be featured by Dan McCarthy on his Great Leadership Bog.  This post[...]

Recent Blog Posts

The Ultimate Tool
Agility matters.  Your ability to pivot and unlock the "potential of you" is critical at all life stages.  Inspired by[...]
Feelings = Decision Making Tools
Finally we are talking about feelings, emotions and mental health in the workplace.  Be smarter than the average bear and[...]
6 Reasons to Love Face Masks
How we embrace change says a lot about who we are. Face masks are now a given in everyday life. [...]
Managing Morale Killers
Morale is the level of enthusiasm, belief and investment in a person or group at a point in time that[...]
Why Laugh Out Loud (LOL)?
Admit it. We all LOL, even though we hate the term.  When we find ourselves actually laughing out loud it[...]
Byproducts of a Pandemic
Let's talk about pandemic byproducts.  I have been a Zoom customer for years (thanks to Vistage) and was quite comfortable[...]
Join the NPC of the Berkshires Virtual Summitt
This is your personal invite to join the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires Virtual Summit - on Nonprofit sustainability.  [...]
Managing Annoying ME
Forget co-workers, family, friends and neighbors.  How do you keep out of your own way when you are with yourself[...]
Keep a Smile in a Drawer
During a crisis find time to smile instead of the natural inclination to worry, hunker down and get serious.  [...]
Working at Home: Note to Self
Working at home is an adjustment all on its own.  Not as easy as it looks folks.  Must create boundaries,[...]
To Panic or Not
Don't panic.  Reactions speak louder than actions. The flurry of information and activity about the Coronavirus is taking on a[...]
Annoying Email Habits
We love them.  We hate them.  Emails are a necessity and a huge annoyance.  How can you keep your emails[...]
I Heard It On the Radio
Join Radio2Woman as three women discuss the complexities of women leaders, management and doing good in the world. What a[...]
Don’t Steal the Glass
When most people talk about the glass they are referring to their status as an optimist or pessimist.  These days[...]
Wisdom or Advice?
What's the difference between advice and wisdom? Either way, I am talking.  Are you listening?  Go ahead it’s a 4[...]
Tackle Simpler This Year
If you are like me, New Years resolutions remind you of past promises not kept. And we are not alone.[...]
And the most annoying is…
It’s that time of year when everyone is talking about lists.  The best of the best, the best of the[...]
Why are Superheroes Important?
Life certainly is more interesting when a Superhero is around.   Imagining our way out of a tricky predicament with[...]
Life Hack: Smile Like You Have A Secret
Everyone is searching for ways to make their life better and more meaningful.   At every turn news clips, blogs[...]
The Prompt is Circles
Thanks to Deb Koffman and IWOW - In Words Out Words, I have a poem for you: For Suzi Does[...]

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