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Annoying Bytes

Featured Blog Posts

Quiz: How My Personality Annoys Co-Workers!
Please share the quiz with this link:  How My Personality Annoys My Co-Workers! Information is power.  Get "intel" about how[...]
Featured in Glamour.com: The Single Most Important Advice for Your Career
Good career advice and career guidance are like a good hairstyle.  You want to know where to get it and[...]
Empowering the Quiet Team Leader from the Back of the Room
Quiet Team Leader.  Definitely a high point to be featured by Dan McCarthy on his Great Leadership Bog.  This post[...]

Recent Blog Posts

Is Multi-tasking Efficient?
I'll admit it, I am a multi-tasker.   Which begs the question, how efficient am I?  The top answer according to[...]
Brain Power
My brain power can be my friend or my enemy.  Sometimes I forget to use all of my brain.  Old[...]
3 Simple Steps for a Doormat Boss to Stop Sabotaging Their Team
Are you a Doormat Boss?  Do you find yourself constantly saying Yes to your team when you don't want to?  Even if you[...]
Type A or B Personality?
Our personality dictates our actions.  To take it a step further it also dictates our mindset and as a result[...]
The Most Important Data Source
Without reservation I can say feelings are the most important data source.  First, successful people use their gut, hunches and[...]
The Trifecta of Non-Action
A trifecta refers to the ability to pick the first three finishers in a race. It's a tough call to[...]
Work is a Team Sport
Whether you like it or not work is a team sport.  I have come to learn that TEAM is the acronym[...]
My Pandemic Scorecard
Scorecards provide valuable information about where we are and where we are headed.  Almost a year ago, I posted my[...]
Fear Move or Career Move?
Is it time for a career move?  What's on the other side of that decision?  Even if the door is[...]
Last Day on Earth?
Older and wiser, I am often asked to give advice about what I have learned.  That's quite a loaded question,[...]
Everyone is Anxious and That’s Annoying
No doubt we are all anxious.  The constant news cycle, pandemic cases rising, personal losses mounting.  It is very tough[...]
Wishes for an Un-Annoying 2021!
Thanks for all of your support and love throughout 2020.  Looking forward to even better times. Stay Audacious, Ilene
Tackle Simpler This Year
The holiday season is here.  If you are like me, New Years comes fast.  Resolutions remind me of past promises[...]
Tell It Loud & Proud
What an experience to be one of the story tellers chosen by the Academy of Music Theatre and New England Public[...]
Stay Agile
Being Agile in an agile world is no easy feat.  Are you project management agile? Below is a quick "cheat[...]
One Thing
If there was one thing you could do to make your life easier, would you do it?  Would you take[...]
Are These Unprecedented Times?
The only constant is change.   Said by Heraclitus (Greek Philosopher) We say it.  We read it.  We meme it.  But[...]
Management Lessons From My Smart Phone
I want an explosion!  Not in real life of course. On my handheld in a video game.  It makes me[...]
Coloring Colors Everything
We all do it.  Color, doodle, scribble and jot on whatever is around.  Meeting agendas, back of envelopes, junk mail. [...]
Like Yesterday
I remember 9-11 like yesterday.   The shaking ground.  The burning falling sky.  The smell of death and destruction. I remember[...]

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