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Quiz: How My Personality Annoys Co-Workers!
Please share the quiz with this link:  How My Personality Annoys My Co-Workers! Information is power.  Get "intel" about how[...]
Featured in Glamour.com: The Single Most Important Advice for Your Career
Good career advice and career guidance are like a good hairstyle.  You want to know where to get it and[...]
Empowering the Quiet Team Leader from the Back of the Room
Quiet Team Leader.  Definitely a high point to be featured by Dan McCarthy on his Great Leadership Bog.  This post[...]

Recent Blog Posts

Diary of a Millennial Job Seeker
Honored to have a true millennial guest blogger.  The names and places have been changed to protect everyone! Part I.[...]
5 Clues on How to Spot a Toxic Interview Process
How much do you really know about the interview process? There seems to be a lot of movement in the[...]
Amazon’s Response to Hiccups
Without fail I can predict that something will go wrong.  Small hiccups, freak accidents, and human error.  It often feels[...]
Everything Old is New. Not Really.
I read it on social media so it must be true.  EverQuote is the new tech darling. There it was,[...]
The Ultimate Revelation About Trusting My Instincts
Loud, engaging and right in the middle of things has always been my style.   I call them like I see[...]
Why You Need to Know the Difference Between Annoying and Dysfunctional
I've managed a lot of people.  I know first hand  that anyone that distracts from driving your business goals is[...]
What You Need to Know About Selective Listening in 5 Minutes
Why do people hear what they want to hear and leave the rest?  Why does selective listening happen and how[...]
3 Things Everyone Knows About Waiting That You Don’t
Time it right or you will miss blueberry season.  Waiting for those plump, fresh, delicious purple jewels to reach full[...]
Stop Talking Now
Stop Talking Please.  How many times have I seen people look at me and I just know what they are[...]
Reactions Speak Louder than Actions – Guard Your Body Language
It doesn't matter why they irritate you, when you are annoyed - whether you are the boss or the employee[...]
Get Business Networking Results
Happy July 4th!  Summertime brings lot of chances to get business networking results.  With parties, events and summer games there[...]
Never Start By Saying No!
Newsflash:  Despite global warming it is officially Summertime.  The signs are everywhere.  Kids are off from school.  There are many[...]
3 Reasons Your Efficiency Hacks Are Not Working
Who doesn't want to get more accomplished in less time with less effort?  Efficiency hacks have been a hot ticket[...]
Are You Trans-Location?
I’m trans-location. I was born a City girl. In truth I’m a coutry bumkin. Where I live has a direct[...]
Quiz: How My Personality Annoys Co-Workers!
Please share the quiz with this link:  How My Personality Annoys My Co-Workers! Information is power.  Get "intel" about how[...]
Do I Annoy My Co-Workers? Take the Quiz and See.
I'm so  excited, I finally did it.  I created an annoying quiz just for you! With 100% certainty I know[...]
What Everyone Ought To Know About Why I am Out of Sync and Need Help
I need your help.  I’m out of sync!  The funniest part is that’s how I made my living for years. [...]
5 Things To Do Immediately About Annoying Misunderstood Habits
Being misunderstood sucks!  The worst part is we often don't realize why our intent is not coming across loud and[...]
The Ultimate Guide To 4 things to Remember to Learn from Your Mistakes
What's next?  That was always such an easy question for me.  The situation was basically irrelevant.  I sprung into action.[...]
3 Reasons the Perfect Coffee Ritual Matters for Your Best Self
The perfect coffee ritual sets a tone for your day and gets you engaged, focused and grounded.  Good cup of[...]

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